Thursday, January 21, 2010

Draw your own conclusions

I'm not saying it's a gender thing. Maybe it's just my kids. But my girl & boy definitely have different communication styles. Case in point ...

This note from my daughter was waiting for me when I got into bed last night:

Dear Mommy,

I won't live here. I packed my things.

I am leaving tomorrow. I love you.


This is the first thing my son said to me this morning:

"Hey, Mommy! Guess what got stuck in my pants!"

On an unrelated topic ... when questioned this morning about why she was leaving, A___ said it was because I am "lazy" and never help her clean up her room. This was followed shortly by:

A___: Oops! I peed on the floor a little bit!

Me: Well, clean it up.

A___: See?! Lazy.


  1. okay, when I read the note found on your bed, I threw my head back in laughter. I am unsure if the others in starbucks appreciated that or not. If they had read what I read they would have there.

    And then...the "See? Lazy." Sent me over the top.

    I am glad Starbucks has no "security".

  2. Having two boys, I have to say the pants comment is more familiar. :) ~ Carolyn